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Doing our part

10% of all Kitchables profits go towards causes we care about

Raise awareness. Take action. Inspire Change.

We believe in the strength of community which continues to inspires us to contribute towards causes close to our heart. We know that great strides have been made in movements to help support women, in contributions toward those in need from natural disasters and the focus on children's education and well being - and we want to continue to contribute towards these changes by giving them our support.

This year, our contributions are focused on children’s education and We Give 10% of all Kitchables net profits towards providing orphaned children in the philippines with an education and a focus on home economics. Through this we give them the skills and education they need to pursue a brighter future.

We Give is a Kitchables do-good initiative that promises to donate 10% of net profits towards orphanages that support children’s education for kids ages 4-18 in the Philippines. Philippines has a growing problem of orphaned children under the age of 18 and we want to be able to give these children a home and the education they need to tackle their everyday needs. Our goal is to enroll children in need into our the curriculum to learn and strengthen everyday skills, from cooking, cleaning, hygiene, nutrition and health. By the end of 2020 Kitchables will have an estimated 300 to complete their first year.

Brands and products with the WeGive Logo are active participants in the WeGive initiatives that go toward building orphanages and educating children. With your support, we hope to inspire and contribute towards change.

Empower women

Women are resilient pillars of the community. We stand by our society’s women and we recognize their contributions to the academe and the workplace, to our homes where they take great part in raising our children, and to the world as a whole. We believe in the capacities of our society’s women. We need them and they can use as much support as the rest of us can give in order to bring them closer to their full potential – a safe place to live in, a safe livelihood which provides fair opportunities, and access to health care.

Help in disaster relief

Amid natural calamities, we stand arm in arm because we grow more resilient when we are united to withstand any untoward situation. We believe that humanity is at its safest when we help protect and look after each other. We continuously support these heroes by contributing towards non-profit organizations devoted to helping rebuild cities, reconnecting communities and saving lives

Foster a brighter future

The youth, especially the children, is another sector to whom we would also like to dedicate our giving initiatives. We believe that investing in the younger generation means

by giving children access to good education – means looking after our society’s future.


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