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Herbs and Berries Tea


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Name: Herbs and Berries

Category: Fusion

Ingredients: sultanas, apple pieces, mango cubes (mango, sugar), lemon grass, rose hip peel, hibiscus blossom, orange peel, carrot peel, stinging nettle leaves, sweet mulberry leaves, freeze-dried tangerine-orange pieces, cornflower, mallow and marigold b

This fusion blend is the ideal pick-me-up for those days when you just need the extra boost. The combination of sweet and fresh herbs, fruits and blossoms present a burst of delicious flavors you can’t resist. This fusion blend is packed with vitamins and nutrients that you’ll be reaping all the benefits from. The blend includes apple, tangerine, sweet mulberry leaves and more to enjoy each savory cup.


Brew Water Temp: 203-212 ˚F

Steep Time: 5-10 min

Dose: 1 level tsp/6oz


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1 x 30g