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Jasmine Green Tea


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Name: Jasmine Green Tea

Category: Green Tea

Ingredients: Half-fermented tea, jasmine blossoms.

Traditionally scented with layers of jasmine flower, this green tea is the loose leaf you want with an abundance of benefits and aromatic features. To capture the fragrance in its entirety, the petals are harvested in the day and cooled at night allowing them to bloom and release soothing aromas. They are then sifted out after processing, producing a loose leaf with a yellow tint and flavors of a jasmine bouquet. This Jasmine green tea, like many green teas, are high in antioxidants, providing numerous health and beauty benefits including stress and anxiety relief so that you can relax with every sip.

Brew Water Temp: 176-195 ˚F

Steep Time: 2-3 min

Dose: 1 heaped tsp/6oz

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1 x 30g