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10 Latte Art Videos That Will Inspire You to Create Your Own

Creating latte art takes skill and practice. For those of you who want to level-up your coffee game, you might be interested in making your own latte art. After all, a little prettiness doesn’t hurt. And who wouldn’t want to become a pro for something as terrific as creating latte art, right?

To get started, you might also want to read our previous blog post – 12 Beginners’ Hacks To Create Your Own Latte Art. Go ahead and read it, yup we will wait. Then once you’re done, you can view these awesome videos we have compiled from YouTube to inspire you to create your own latte art too.

  1. Latte Art Demonstration – From Breville Food Thinkers

2. Winged Tulips – From Vancity Latte Art

3. Swan Latte Art – From Latti Art

4. Dragon Latte Art – From bacco555888

5. Kangaroo Latte Art – From Reda Majauskyte

6. Butterfly Latte Art – From Howcast

7. Bear Latte Art – From Howcast

8. Rainbow Latte Art – From Gothamist

9. Free Pour Latte Art (Different Designs) – From IKECCI

10. Latte Art Compilation – From Coffee Fusion

Hope you enjoyed and learned something from the videos! *Pin for later. 

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