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12 Easy Tea Drink Recipes You Can Try At Home

The health benefits and delicious taste of tea are undeniable. Tea is best when consumed on its own because that’s how you will get the most potential benefits. You probably already know that, but of course, you can also create a variety of easy tea drink recipes using other different ingredients.

We scoured these recipes from the world wide web so that when you’re feeling a little experimental, you can try them at home. The full recipes are linked below.

1. Sweet Cinnamon Milk Tea

This sweet and creamy milk tea with a hint of cinnamon is perfect for relaxation.

2. Chai Tea Latte

This has been a favorite of several coffee lovers. The good thing is you don’t have to spend so much to make this. It’s homemade, and just as tasty as what you get from a coffee shop, or maybe even better.

3. Organic Pumpkin Spice

You don’t have to wait for fall to taste a natural and tastier pumpkin spice. Just make your own!

4. Strawberry Sweet Tea

If you love the natural sweetness of strawberries or fruits, you can try strawberry sweet tea.

5.  Vegan Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea is a well-loved drink. This recipe has no pretensions. It’s simply natural, creamy, and very easy to do.

6. Iced Orange Ginger Green Tea

Craving for iced green tea? This recipe is fruit-flavored that’s packed with antioxidants and detoxifying benefits.

7. Honey Coconut Matcha Latte

Matcha has garnered a solid fan base through the years, and it deserves such because of its unique taste, as well as health benefits. If you want to skip the caffeine jitters, you might want to try this matcha latte.

8. Turmeric Golden Milk Tea

This soothing & immune-boosting tea helps with digestive issues, and promotes good quality sleep.

9. Pineapple Cranberry Sun Tea

Here’s another fruity and refreshing tea with pineapple and cranberry. Have your dose of sweet fruits by re-creating this sun tea.

10. Ginger Root Tea

Not a lot may like ginger tea, but it is actually delicious! For added taste, you can put cinnamon, lemon, or honey. It also helps boost metabolism.

11. Green Tea Cucumber Cocktail

A touch of alcohol doesn’t hurt. This recipe can be the perfect party cocktail for you. Try it!

12. Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie

Smoothies have become popular and trending drinks these past few years, which is why this list won’t be complete without at least one tea smoothie. This smoothie recipe is a refreshing fruit and creamy yogurt in a cold drink.

Hope you can try at least one of the recipes above. Tea is a very versatile drink so you can always add other ingredients that you think your taste buds will love.

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