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A Dose of Coffee: Top 8 Inspiring Coffee Channels On Youtube

Watching coffee videos online gives you a front seat view on the hands-on approaches of coffee experts in the industry. From coffee tutorials to the latest updates in the coffee market, these channels will keep your eyes open on how coffee fuels the lives of people from around the world. Get a cup of coffee or two, because you’ll have a whole new appreciation for coffee through these must-watch resources.


CoffeeFusion is one of those Youtube channels that is like a personal coffee expert-slash-trainer in your pocket. They have a wealth of practical tips and tricks on how to brew coffee, create latte art, and coffee tutorials. They have an Espresso 101 Online Coffee School series which helps you jumpstart your barista skills and start brewing like a pro.

Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear is on top of the list of recommended coffee Youtube channels according to various online forums. They’re one of the top authorities in the coffee industry, and their channel is subscribed by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. They also provide all honest reviews about coffee equipment and videos on latte art.

Re:co Symposium

RecoSymposium takes on the economic and cultural side of the coffee industry. Get a good overview on the world of coffee through this channel. You’ll be the audience to the various talks by coffee experts on how coffee moves the world economy.

Here’s a talk by Adina Wasserman on understanding coffee consumers.

Dritan Alsela

Dritan Alsela is a great barista and latte artist, and his channel on Youtube gives you a glimpse into his beautiful world of crafting coffee. You’ll get inspired by his tremendous talent through the many coffee videos on his channel.

You can also check out Dritan Alesla’s coffee school here.

Specialty Coffee Association of America

SCAA is the leading authority in the US coffee industry; and their Youtube channel features events, barista championships, coffee tutorials, and so much more. It’s like getting a daily dose of everything about the coffee industry as you subscribe to this channel.

Check out this wonderfully inspiring SCAA video about how coffee connects all of us together in the world.

Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Sweet Maria’s is one of those coffee suppliers that so many people depend on to feed their need for coffee every day. They have fun coffee videos on different aspects of the world of coffee. Get updated on what’s brewing in the industry through this channel.

James O’Rear Let’s Get Coffee

This channel is a passion project of O’Rear and his friends as they document coffee hotspots around town. If you want to know the best coffee shops in Southern California, subscribe to this channel and be inspired to book a ticket just to get a taste of their awesome coffee.

They also have coffee tutorials such as how to make the perfect French press coffee.

A Whole Latte Love

A Whole Latte Love features lifestyle topics about coffee. They have tutorials, shopping guides, coffee tips, and latte art tutorials for you to improve your coffee expertise. You’ll also get a lot of ideas on which coffee maker to pick and coffee recipes to try.

They have a holiday gift guide that will help you decide what to buy this Christmas.

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