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your most Googled coffee-related questions, answered

Are there things about coffee that you can’t help wondering about? Have you found answers to your coffee-related curiosities?

Read on and learn more about one of the world’s most favorite beverages.

You might not know it but perhaps many coffee drinkers have been asking the same burning questions which you may have.

how to choose excellent quality coffee beans

Choosing great quality beans is, to begin with, key to brewing great-tasting coffee.

It is always best to know what your true preference in coffee is. That taste and that whiff of coffee which you have always stuck with.

Next up, know the very basic tip-off about roast – bear in mind, the darker it is, the milder; the lighter it is, the stronger.

Then it’s time to take your pick.

It is also always a good idea to try variations of coffee beans. While you sure have your all-time favorite, this habit will make you gain more practical knowledge about coffee and coffee beans, and widen your range of selections, too.

Also, most coffee connoisseurs recommend purchase of whole beans rather than readily ground coffee. The reason for this is because grinding coffee beans only a few minutes before actual home-brewing will give you better-tasting results.

Moreover, choose your regular store to shop at and talk to its experts who can suggest to you what to buy and give you accurate information as well about your choices including the age of the beans and how they were grown and harvested.

You can also subscribe to Kitchabox for monthly supplies of the perfect coffee!

how to make bulletproof coffee

First off, here’s what’s contained in bulletproof coffee – upgraded black coffee, grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride oil.

To make your own, you’ll need these DIY ingredients – brewed coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter and coconut oil, which you can easily find in your home kitchen and the grocer’s as alternatives to the formerly mentioned components.

After brewing using your handy Kitchables pour over coffee maker, plunge a slice of unsalted butter into the brew while it’s still freshly hot. Finish off your own version of homemade bulletproof caffeine mix with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix it thoroughly for over a minute in a blender.

Et voilà! Your bulletproof coffee is ready to serve!

is coffee addictive?

No, coffee is not innately addictive.

Some constant coffee drinkers may find some “dependence” on coffee in that they feel like they function better with their regular caffeine consumption. There is also the tendency for intake of multiple cups in a day. This, however, cannot be considered as an impulsive and rather uncontrolled addiction.

This is only one of the many misconceptions that surround coffee which continue to mystify consumers around the world. Learn a few more. Here are other myths about coffee, busted!

how to best preserve and store coffee beans and grounds

Air, moisture, sunlight and heat are the most common causes of premature deterioration of quality of coffee beans and grounds, if not entirely making them stale all the way more easily. And these elements are practically always around.

Keep these culprits off your beans and grounds. Preserve the high quality of your coffee roasts by housing them in airtight sealed storage.

Secure your favorite coffee beans or grounds in the widely raved about Kitchables Canister? Pick between the 17oz capacity or the smaller 16oz.

Our canisters which come in seven vibrant hues are equipped with lids designed with AirFresh Valve Technology guaranteeing to completely lock out air and in turn, keep the fresh flavors and aroma of beans and grounds in.

Another helpful pointer would be to buy only the right, easily consumable amount of beans and grounds and replenishing as needed instead of hoarding huge quantities. Buying smaller bags will make for a good deal to keep the contents fresh. You can also divide your supplies into different smaller containers. This is a good and healthy practice, too.

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