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meet the (Facebook #MondayGiveaway) winners! (plus tips to up your chances and make it your turn to get #drinkwithkitch prizes, too 😉)

It’s time for the Facebook #drinkwithkitch #MondayGiveaway!

And we are in our 70th week now!

So, grab those Kitchables cups and let’s make a toast! To joy, health, and your kitchen made stylish, cozy and uncomplicated!

To our unceasingly growing Kitchables family – from our online followers to our loyal shoppers and even our future buyers 😉, ¡Salud!

meet the winners


Cool photos shared by one of our first Facebook giveaway winners, Kimberly!

Thank you for sharing this with us, Cristina!

Teacups winner, Nicole, seems pretty pleased with her prize set.

Let’s unbox those double-walled glasses, Linda!

Staci, #twinning with her new pink Kitchables tumbler

want to win a #drinkwithkitch Facebook #MondayGiveaway, too?

No. It isn’t just about the big number of entries / comments which you have for a given Facebook giveaway announcement. While it poses as a significant factor and a good strategy that prove to have moved past the test of time of social media giveaway contests, it is NOT the only way to heighten the odds of your name getting announced as the winner.

Photo shared by Facebook giveaway winner, Pamela.

Guess raffle draw tools and apps have its way of knowing which followers are most actively interacting on and involved in a Facebook business page apart from only its giveaways. 😉 Well, to begin with, the humongous social media site does know if a follower deserves a “diamond” atop his/her name as a “top fan.”

Photo shared by Facebook giveaway winner, Seyma.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself that “top fan” Facebook tag, too! Keep “liking” and leaving well worthy, substantial comments not only on a given Facebook giveaway announcement post but also on several other regular posts on the Facebook business page – as much as you are able, of course, that is. Do interact with fellow followers. Do ask questions.

Like something? Say it.

Not that much? Do write more on the reason behind your opinion about it. Discuss. In other words, keep showing up. 😉

Photo shared by Facebook giveaway winner, Rosalena.

And…do NOT forget to “like” our Kitchables pages per se. This is basically the reason why it says “crucial step” on the mechanics list because it is, well, crucial.

Attention: Automated raffle draws filter out entries whose owners have yet to “like” and follow the actual business page.

spread the word.


Share the joy that is Kitchables, just like Seyma.

And share this same happy smile of Christina care of Kitchables.

This is basically the reason for the commencement of this project over a year ago – our “why” for coming up with a weekly giveaway contest on the Facebook page of Kitchables.

Sharing. Joy. Health. Hence, come on over and #drinkwithkitch.

And bear in mind. You can get picked more than once. There were three different occurrences for three distinct giveaways when the same Kitchables follower won twice. So, keep joining and you may just be the next to win twice, if not more because – why not!

Here, for your easy reference, find and “like” us on Facebook. You’ll always find a pinned post that’s a giveaway announcement – brand new every week! See y’all there! And let’s get the attention of that algorithm! 😉

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