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pour over coffee makers: proper care for your favorite brewing essential

Taking your time when preparing and drinking your morning coffee, or at any time of the day at that, is definitely much more fun than the easy stirring of instant caffeine fix. Wouldn’t it be nicer to step away from the fast-paced yet humdrum ways when it comes to food and beverage preparation which probably almost all of us have gotten so used to?

You will only need to gear yourself with some Kitchables brewing essentials which promise a lifetime of service.

And while the Kitchables line of product offerings is the last kit of brewing items you will ever have to purchase, proper care for your utensils, particularly your pour over coffee maker, is a constant necessity to ensure that it lasts for decades over decades.

Cleaning your glass carafe

Using fairly warm water and mild soap should do wonders just like it does to any other glassware and ceramic ware.

The Kitchables Glass Coffee Pot is dishwasher-friendly so that you can just conveniently load it in your machine.


Maintenance of your stainless steel cone filter

While upkeep of the carafe is relatively easier, you may find maintenance of the permanent stainless metal filter more challenging.

Stubborn coffee residue stuck in the dripper holes may be unavoidable at times. All you have to do is carefully wipe it off with a soft piece of fabric or take them out with soft-bristled brush. Then you can proceed with the classic yet foolproof warm water plus soap formula.

In addition, permanent filters will also require deep clean on a monthly basis to maximize its use in the production of great coffee.

Its deep clean can be performed by overnight soaking in a mixture of water and white vinegar at 13 to 1 ratio. After which, you can go ahead and hand wash or place it in the dishwashing machine.

Daily tidy-up and monthly deep clean of the Kitchables metal drip cone are guaranteed to be much easier owing to its dual micromesh technology which helps in the prevention of clogging.


Fine quality coffee beans and grounds as well contribute to keeping your brewing gears spotless

Pick your coffee like a true connoisseur or better yet, subscribe to our Kitchabox and gift yourself a package of meticulously sourced and roasted coffee beans for the most optimal taste and feel of coffee brewing and sipping.

Kitchabox subscription plan varies. Give our Kitchabox quiz a shot and find out which plan will work best for you.

Because you deserve only the best brewed coffee! Happy brewing!

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